Les Petites Boules Pour La Toux ( Tradução para Inglês)


Les Petites Boules Pour La Toux

(Yaaaaaaaaahaha !)
Le professeur Théophile !
Professeur Théophile (Ouais)
Un vieux docteur timbré (Ouais, ouais)
A trouvé c'est débile,
Un truc inespéré (Un truc inespéré)
Les p'tites boules (Odleaïtou)
Les p'tites boules (Odleaïtou)
Les petites boules pour la toux (Odleaïtou)
Les p'tites boules (Odleaïtou)
Les p'tites boules (Odleaïtou)
Les petites boules pour la toux (Odleaïtou)
(Yaaaayaaaaayaaaa !)
Et pour combattre le rhume..
Pour combattre le rhume (Hey !)
Pour la gougoutte au nez (Ouais)
Pour les oreilles qui fument
Et pour les cors aux pieds (Et pour les cors aux pieds)
Et si vous faites du nudisme !
Si vous faites du nudisme (Oh là !)
Pour ne pas prendre froid (Haaaaahaha !)
Et pour vos rhumatismes
Rien de tel croyez moi
Eh héhéhéhé, Attention mesdames et messieurs,
nous allons chanter tous ensemble.
Quand je dirai les petite boules,
tout le monde répond "odleaïtou".
Attention nous allons faire un essai..
Un deux trois !
Les p'tites boules (Odleaïtou)
Les p'tites boules (Odleaïtou)
Et bravo, bravo vous êtes formidables.
Et maintenant tout le monde en chœur:
Un, deux, trois:
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Tradução para Inglês

The little cough drops

I give you professor Théophile!
Professor Théophile (Yeah)
An old crackpot doctor (Yeah, yeah)
discovered (how stupid is that),
something undreamt of (Something undreamt of)
The little drops (Ohdleeaeetoo)
The little drops (Ohdleeaeetoo)
The little cough drops (Ohdleeaeetoo)
The little drops (Ohdleeaeetoo)
The little drops (Ohdleeaeetoo)
The little cough drops (Ohdleeaeetoo)
(Yaaaayaaaaayaaaa !)
And to fight the cold
To fight the cold (Hey!)
for runny noses (Yeah)
and smoking ears
and callused feet (And callused feet)
And in case you practice nudism!
In case you practice nudism (Shocking!)
not to catch a cold (Haaaaahaha!)
As for your rheumatism,
there's nothing better, believe me.
Eh hehehehe, your attention please ladies and gentlemen,
we're about to sing all together.
When I say "the little drops"
everybody answers with "Ohdleeaeetoo".
Get ready, let's have a try
One, two, three
The little drops (Ohdleeaeetoo)
The little drops (Ohdleeaeetoo)
Yeah, bravo, bravo, you're amazing.
And now all together:
One, two, three
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SaintMark    Quarta-feira, 17/10/2018 - 14:23

Thank you. Was wondering what 'les boules' means in this context, but couldn't hit the right word..

ingirumimusnocte    Quinta-feira, 18/10/2018 - 16:16

Regular smile
I wonder what they mean by "She filled up with parafin inside". An exotic effect of alcohol?

Gavin    Quinta-feira, 18/10/2018 - 20:58

Most likely just a reference to the way alcoholics will drink anything vaguely resembling alcohol when they become desperate - Meths, antifreeze, lager... Wink smile

White paraffin is used in various medicaments, although mainly topically though I think

Anita3323    Quinta-feira, 18/10/2018 - 16:23

It's a word play to say she was filled up with cum. Paraffin is white wax.

ingirumimusnocte    Quinta-feira, 18/10/2018 - 17:33

Mmm... Such vulgarity doesn't seem to suit the mood of the song.