To cook the books

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To cook the books (Inglês) — To alter facts or figures dishonestly or illegally so as to show the situation to be better than it is or will be. The books refer to ledgers that were kept prior to the use of computers.
This is a business expression that is most often heard/seen in accounting and budgeting. The 'cook' mixes everything up and creates something improved.
Manipulating the ledgers (books), the computer data base records constitutes fraudulent behavior and has criminal/disciplinary consequences when caught.

Inglês, explicado por Ww Ww em Quarta-feira, 20/12/2017 - 02:42

To cook the books — фальсифицировать финансовую отчётность; подтасовывать бухгалтерские данные

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To cook the books — Unositi lažne podatke u knjigovodstvo, podešavati račune, falsifikovati dokumente.

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