to cook (someone's) goose

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to cook (someone's) goose (Inglês) — أن تورّط شخصًا ما أو تضعه في موقف حرج سواء بقصد أو بغير قصد

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to cook (someone's) goose — to get someone into trouble; to put someone into a difficult situation (intentionally or not)

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to cook (someone's) goose — to ruin someone’s plans, used when someone is about to be punished

Example: Ann knew that she was going to be in trouble for
coming home late again. She wouldn’t be able to talk
her way out of it this time; her goose was cooked.

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Traduções de "to cook (someone's) goose"

GregoΔιαβαίνω το δικό μου Γολγοθά
InglêsI'm going through my own hell
Russoподвести под монастырь