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Where might my Spring be?

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I owe you so much,
so much love that now
I'm giving you my resignation,
I know that you loved me
I could feel it,
I want to lay in your forgiveness.
I'm going to pretend
that you never left,
that you've gone away1 and nothing more
and your memory,
when I'm sad,
will keep my loneliness company.
I want my absence
to be like two great wings,
that you can undertake
that long flight of stairs
where you can lose yourself anywhere.
I'm here among the emptiness
I'll talk about everything
I'll find a way to move on,
until the years
seal your memory away
I'll never stop asking myself:
Where might my spring be?
where has the sun hidden from me?,
the one that has forsaken my garden
and who has withered my soul?
  • 1. on a trip
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I must have heard this and many of his songs on repeat for almost two decades. My father is a big fan of him, even when he was part of a group before he went for a solo career. He's a great composer, I know he's penned many songs for other artists in the past and present. The video shows a woman (whom we are to assume is his beloved), she's gone away and is compared to the 'Spring' that comes and goes as the seasons change. Comparing her to a love that comes as quickly as it goes. I liked one of the translations, but felt that it should be very straightforward and not too long.


Dónde estará mi primavera