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抱きしめたい (Dakishimetai) ( Tradução para Inglês)

  • Artista: Mr. Children (ミスターチルドレン)
  • Música: 抱きしめたい (Dakishimetai)
    2 traduções
    Inglês #1, #2
  • Traduções disponíveis: Inglês #1, #2


出会った日と 同じように
霧雨けむる 静かな夜
目を閉じれば 浮かんでくる
人並みで溢れた 街のショウウインドウ
見とれた君が ふいにつまずいた その時
受け止めた 両手のぬくもりが 今でも
抱きしめたい 溢れるほどの
想いが こぼれてしまう前に
二人だけの 夢を胸に 歩いてゆこう
終わった恋の心の傷跡は 僕にあずけて
そっと二人 育ててきた
形のない この想いは 今はもう 消えはしない
震えそうな夜に 声をひそめ 君と
指切りした あの約束 忘れてやしないよ
心配しないで 君だけを 見ている
もしも 君が 泣きたい位に
傷つき 肩を落とす時には
誰よりも素敵な 笑顔を 探しに行こう
全てのことを 受け止めて行きたい
抱きしめたい 溢れるほどに
君への想いが 込みあげてく
どんな時も 君と肩をならべて
もしも 君が さみしい時には
いつも 僕が そばにいるから
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I wanna cuddle you

Versões: #1#2
Just like the day that we first met
Silent night when it was hazily drizzling.
If I close my eyes,
I can still see the two of us at the moment.
The street crowded the shop windows
Enthralled you slipped unexpectedly
I held you with my arms tightly and I still remember your warmth.
I wanna cuddle you
with a flood of my love
before my love for you overflows my heart
As we dream our own dreams in our hearts,
let us walk forward
As to the scars of the love that you ended, leave it all to me.
Like lighting a candlelight
We two have gently grown them all along.
These shapeless feelings will never
disappear anymore.
When the cold night shriveled us
Whispering to you
I made a pinky promise with you
I never forgot the words.
Then don't worry.
I always see only you
When you want to cry so much so that you got hurt and you finally let yourself down.
Let’s go look for your smile,nothing is much nicer than anybody else’s
I am ready to receive all things to happen.
always the two of us together
I wanna cuddle you.
My heart is overflowing with love for you.
No matter when,I will be able to continue walking alongside you
Even if you feel lonesome someday
I will surely always be beside you.
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