Davayte vosklitzat'(Давайте восклицать!..) ( Tradução para Inglês)

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Let's exclaim

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Let's exclaim, let's admire one another
We'd better not to be afraid of grandiloquent words.
Let's tell each other the compliments -
But all these are the happy moments of the life.
Let's mourn and weep frankly
Sometimes together, or one by one, or taking turns.
We needn't consider much the backbiting -
As the sadness always is a neighbour of love.
Let's understand each other at a half-word,
For, having been mistaken once, not be mistaken again.
Let's live, pandering each other in everything, -
And more for that the life is so short
The remarks are gladly accepted.
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Davayte vosklitzat'(Давайте восклицать!..)

azucarinhoazucarinho    Terça-feira, 23/06/2015 - 17:59

(An unsolicited paraphrase of your English translation):

Let's express our admiration for one another
Let's not shy away from highfalutin words
Let's pay each other compliments
For these are the happy moments in life.

Let's do our mourning and weeping openly
Together at times, or individually, or in turns
There's no need to be concerned about gossip
As Sadness has always been Love's companion.

Let just a single word clear up mistakes
So as not to fall into the same error again
Let's live, obliging to one another in everything
And more -- for Life is too brief.