David Olney - The Suicide Kid


The Suicide Kid

Let's sing a song for the Suicide Kid
Who pulled on the trigger and heard only a click
Who stood on the edge and took a deep breath
Who drank all the poison and waited for death
He waited for death but death never showed
And the Suicide Kid slowly got old
Where does it go when its all spent and gone
When you've downed your last shot and sung
your last song
His wild-haired companions, he's out drunk them all
Now the willowy women won't answer his call
They won't answer his call, they won't come to his bed
The nights last forever for the Suicide Kid
His handsthey tremble, his voice cracks and breaks
The Suicide Kid wakes up with the shakes
He rants and he rambles alone in his room
He falters and stumbles and fades like the moon
He fades like the moon at the dawning of day
But the Suicide Kid won't fade away
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