Dayan Yalnızlığım ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para InglêsInglês

Endure, my loneliness

sadness rains with snow
my clothes are with long arm
you know better than me
is there need to me to tell?
after you,my eyes..
always cloudy
even you look,you can see
have u got a face to look?
were we happy?we have just breathed
l got bored,dont prolong,lean me,cry
stay Behind me like this when the fall come
my loneliness,dont stay in degenerated
look we were beaten
maybe we stand on at the right time
Endure, my loneliness
before go to long way
I reserved 2 armchair
yours is near window
is there any need to ask?)(means you know it very well,dont have to ask
there is no diffret from past
you didnt see this first time
without taking in draw for a lottery(menas without take risk)
you always pull the short chip (means accept everything)
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Dayan Yalnızlığım