Die hard

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Traduções idiomáticas de "Die hard"

Eine harte Nuß
duro de roer
Duro de pelar
Un dur à cuire
Σκληρό καρύδι / Δε χαρίζω κάστανα
A hard nut to crack
Un osso duro
Крепкий орешек
tvrd orah
Cetin ceviz

Meanings of "Die hard"


Disappear or change very slowly. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Una persona poco incline a cambiare la propria idea.
Qualcuno che tende a restare sulla propria decisione.

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çok yavaş bir şekilde yok olmak ya da değişmek

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"Die hard" em letras

Becky G - Dollar

And your promises don't catch my attention
You say the same thing to any girl that crosses you
A tree that is born bent never straightens<fn>This is basically saying "old habits die hard."</fn>
You can't have me (No, no),

Oomph! - Europe

Europe - Die hard!
Europe - Get ready!
Europe - Die hard!
Take your time!

Timati - Best Friend

You know about the love only to yourself, girl
We stand by him all as one country
We knew he's a die hard superhero
I'm game today, my friend's by my side

Viktor Tsoi - A Pack of Cigarettes

And no one wanted blame put on the grape wine* with ease
And no one was much willing to be made a cat’s paw
And no music- no fun to die hard at all
Without music I don’t want to even rest in peace

Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex

And who I've been is with you on these beaches
Your Venice bitch, your die-hard, your weakness
Maybe I could save you from your sins

Sena Sener - I Die

Fell into the well
Do not look like this, come on.
beautiful world
No sin ever

Potap and Nastya - Die Hard (Strong nuts)

Cinema, popcorn, and we're sitting with Nastya
And which movie is this? Some horror movie?
No, it's a blockbuster, it's all mixed up
The strong nut is, yes, Jack, he's just crazy

Faye Wong - Appointment

An appointment for watching the flying leaves has never been made.
The break up of us was like a tragic drama.
Die hard to forget so I won't linger you love.
Tomorrow world may not allow me to have a place.

Flipsyde - Someday

And you crawl and you slip and you slide down
Wanna make it to the top better start now
So I hold my soul and I die hard
All alone in the night in the graveyard

Nicki Minaj - Your Love

Shawty, I'ma only tell you this once, you the illest
And for your lovin' I'ma Die Hard like Bruce Willis
You got spark, you, you got spunk

Mick Jagger - Old Habits Die Hard

Old habits die hard
And old soldiers just fade away
Old habits die hard
Hard enough to feel the pain

Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing

I'm in between, but way more fresher.
With way less effort, 'cause when you try hard,
That's when you die hard.
Ya homies looking like "Why God?"

Django DKZ - Fable

These rappers have dreams where I don't exist
Pull-up in bike like Ryan
Controlling the Die Hard trap
The tape recorder's name is Diane.

Nightwish - Wish I Had an Angel

Old loves they die hard
Old lies they die harder

Mohsen Chavoshi - Forgive me

You're not alongside me anymore
But I am still alive
How much of a die hard am I!
That I still think about future

Eminem - Rhyme or Reason

It says, "Ever since I drove a '79 Lincoln with whitewalls
Had a fire in my heart
And a dire desire to aspire to Die Hard."
So as long as I'm on the clock, punching this time card

Ling tosite sigure - DIE meets HARD

DIE HARD DIE meets HARD 僕を救ってよ

Gang Starr - Above the Clouds

Sound the horn, we come rumbling through the function
Precise laser beam technique to touch something
When we die hard, they'll build a monument to honor us with
Humungous effect in the world we could have conquered it

Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph

Rumblin' patrolmen tear gas laced the function
Heads by the score take flight incite a war
Chicks hit the floor, die hard fans demand more
Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly

Skylar Grey - Wreak Havoc

We live fast we die hard
Go against me you’ll die hard
Die hard