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You're Enriching Me

It's still those two streets, looks just like twenty years ago
I must have driven by them twenty thousand times
But never told you that you were always the prettiest to me
Now I'm standing here again, gazing on your lawn
If you had gotten my message you'd be waiting by now
But then the door suddenly opens!
And you're coming out, more beautiful than ever before
My God, all that time I've been gone...
[Chorus 1:]
You're enriching me
Exceptionally, like nothing before
You're enriching me
God, you and I, I'll let nothing before
You're enriching me
I've committed murder, namely of myself
You're enriching me
I'm coming back to this place to be your very own man
Here comes the new beginning, firework show of my life
I'll be your new companion, steward through the sea of strive
I got the ship moved from the shoals, out of the shallow waters
Back then I was white as ghosts, but now the ghosts are once more whiter
[Chorus 2:]
You're enriching me
Cause without you I feel empty and stale
You're enriching me
When you're with me I feel warmth in my gut
You're enriching me
The blink of your eyes can get stars into wonder
You're enriching me
Commited eternally, loving you a continuous rush
[Kool Savas:]
I'm breathing in the air, your lovely aura
Your sight alone is cleansing my soul from all the filth
Before you a life without meaning, after you nothing as it was
When it's getting dark around me you've got the light prepared
You're shining so brightly that I'm squinting
I'm tracing the line of your cheeks with my finger as a brush
If I could, I'd make a thousand copies of you and spread them into every continent and country
Cause a smile from your lips gives us freedom and healing
Believe me, even a small sentence from you sounds like a poem
You're my compass, my companion, you're pointing the way
You're laying your hands on my head, giving me rest, letting me sleep
You're enriching me, without you I'd be destitute
My little journey goes from my head down to my heart
They are galaxies, they are also body parts
A million little cycles, they are all taking their pass
A million little lies, we are all letting them pass
[Chorus 2 & 1]
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Du bereicherst mich

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