Düsterer König ( Tradução para Inglês)


Düsterer König

Wir sind alle Könige unser'r eig'nen Geisterwelt,
Laufen in Tanzschuhen auf dem schwarzen Feld.
Gelegentlich singen wir in Herdfeuers Tränen,
Wenn Nachtblumen bei dem Grab brennen.
Man kann nicht sehen die Fröhlichkeit mit Monde eingeschenkt,
Der junge Soldat auf der Statue in Blut gesenkt.
Man kann auch stehen auf der Magd, ein Lied so lang schreiben,
Doch jeder wird immer ein düsterer König bleiben.
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A translated and slightly adapted song text based on the song below. Singable with its melody.

Tradução para InglêsInglês (lírica, com rimas, própria para cantar)
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Gloomy King

All of us are kings of our own spiritual world,
Running on a black field in dancing shoes and skirts.
Occasionally we sing with tears of fire of hearth,
As flowers bloom by graves in night's heart.
You cannot see the enjoyment filled with the moonlight,
Soldiers fell so young upon the statue of bloody dirt.
You may fall in love with the girl, a long poem to write,
But we're always gloomy kings in our own world.
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This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).

By Isaiah Siegfried Chen

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