Bảo Thy - Em Muốn Chia Tay ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

I Want to Break Up

I want to break up
After nights of thinking
The time spent with you has been so fragile
Dreams have been broken
You really love me
Only want to be with me
The time we were together has brought many mistakes
Because when I met you, I didn't know
That your past is still lingering
And because you love me, you purposely pushed it aside
Leaning on your shoulder, sadness suddenly filled my eyes with tears
Because I'm the third person
But why hasn't I cared to notice
That often when you are happy, someone else's heart is in pain
I should probably leave
To take the load off me, even though my heart really hurts
We're already apart, memories are already fading
I gently wipe off the dust covering the space you have left
But seeing you again, it feels
As if my heart still hasn't changed
But I hide my feelings when I see you smiling with someone else
I lost you for good
We should love each other like the sunshine loves the rain, even though we can't be together anymore
Happiness I long for is out of reach
My tears fall, a part of you will always be imprinted in my heart
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