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Angels Or Demons

This is not reality TV, nope let me tell you
You see, my reality is a show in it self
And when you'r so far up there might be a long way down
So I'm just trying to make the champagne last
Yeah, I wanna celebrate life and take nothing for granted
But the problem is that everything has a darker side
And sometimes I'm wondering
If the light at the end of the tunnel
Was nothing but an oncoming train
Even us grownups also get a little scared
Cause life is so short and happiness is not long
But I look up and try to thank him
And promise to go all the way as in a walking race
It'll always be all or nothing
There is no tour guide, I'll end where destiny is taking me
So now I'm flying, no wings, without wind
On my way out through of this maze
Cause sometimes things are tightening like a ring
And I am fumbling around, I'm not handy
But the music is playing and tells me
That I'll find my way back home
Yir, I'll be back
Thoughts that are jumping like Jack-from-the-box
Too much alcohol, not enough liquid
Promoters who wants me at their club to party
But I'll stay at home tonight, it's probably for the best
And try to dream but I'm still lying awake
I love you now, baby, but I don't know about tomorrow
And I do hope, but I don't know if there's any more above us
But I know there's always a way out of the haze
I sing
Hey my friend
When the angels are here I am stronger
And I sing along with them, oh yeahhh
I can't, won't let go
But hey my friend
When the darkness find its way
And the demons inside of me comes back
Then I know it's all or nothing
I have heaven as well as hell in my mind at once
I stand in the window of the seventh floor and let the wind bite
I look down, crawl inside and drink until I fall asleep
I wake up and drink again
Feel like a shadow in a fairy tale by H.C. Andersen1
But I don't stop at that, no, not me
Cause my mentality is baby, bye bye
I give Thomas2 a hug, I send Sanne 3 a kiss
Salute Larsen4, and are chit chatting with Søs5
I see myself, try to relax with two bottles of vodka
End up totally fucked in double A6
It's not Aalborg7 I'm talking about, narh narh
Have voices whispering here
Beautiful roses that withers here
Send my greeting to Oprah
And tell her there's no Disney here, please
It's so cold here, it's so ego here, it's so barbaric here
But it's so me here, so now, so momentarily
As beautiful, as surreal
Like a painting by Puis Mathi that hangs by the waters of Seaguess
Listen, little Scarly Scar, you're so clever
I know you understand your dad
And, honey, I know I sometimes let you down
But it's an obligation to be a good poet
Yir, I'm invulnerable, I'm bullet proof
All certain that God is watching, that God is listening when I spit
I sing with the angels now, yeah, we are music on a higher level
Hey, my friend
When the angels are here I am stronger
and I sing with them, oh yeah
I can't, I won't let go
But hey, my friend
When darkness find its way
And the demons inside of me comes back
Then I know it is all or nothing
All or nothing
All or nothing
Don't lie to me
Don't you ever lie to me again
Don't lie to me
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Engle Eller Dæmoner

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