Ensimmäinen ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

The first one

I'm walking in the streets while it rains
And I'm making stories about you
I left a shadow in the doorway*
Doesn't matter even if I get wet
Although I'm stepping into puddles, I stay outside
I'm wandering off from Stockmann to the station
I still keep going when I head for the park
Everything is going well, still I'm thinking about you
Do I have to remember what I left behind?
I will forget, I bet
The rain will wipe away the past
Asphalt is shining with water
I would take your hand
If only you were here
But now I'm walking alone
I can see you in the images of my mind
White snowdrifts were left there
With you standing disappointed
Things are different here
Like a different life
And 'though you are the sweetest of all
You'll still have to leave the past behind
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* Umbrella is literally in Finnish "A Shadow of Rain"



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