Estoy tocando fondo ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

I'm reaching the bottom

A papa umamau papa u mamau
umamau papa u mamau
umamau papa u mamau.
I saw myself today in the mirror
and I took a deep breath.
I realized that because of you
I'm reaching the bottom.
This thing of the music
is driving me crazy.
Daddy doesn't love me anymore,
my watch doesn't tell the time,
my jukebox doesn't work,
the shake gets loose
but the twist is on fashion.
And your love is so far
that my heart overflows
My friends don't call me
and I'm feeling lonely,
For being in love
with a dickhead singer.
I realized that because of you
I'm reaching the bottom,
international monetary,
your songs are square,
may Perry Mason hear you.
International monetary bottom.1
International monetary bottom.
  • 1. "Fondo" means bottom, but also fund
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Estoy tocando fondo

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