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You, so alone
May I be with you?
Will you tell me what it is you live for?
You creature of harmony
Far removed from blasphemy
Purity fills your existance
So much joy in you
Caressed and cajoled by me?
My skin so close to you
Tell me what your heart says
How curiosity torments you1
You, who loses herself in pleasure2
Red pain in your body, banished
Far away from Wonderland
There's more than you understand
There's more that you live for
Sorrow betrays your existence
The knowledge so near
The fruit so wonderful
Do it, and you'll be free
For what do you exist?
Look, how wonderful,
Taste it,3 and you'll be free
Chorus x2
  • 1. See brightswan's comment below
  • 2. 'Vergehen' has three meanings which are apposite here: Eve feels pleasure so intensely it's as though she's dying, Eve 'dies' from immortality in the Garden, to mortal life and death out of it, because of knowledge of sexual pleasure, and Eve violates God's command in gaining knowledge of sexual pleasure. (Of course the idea that the expulsion from the Garden had anything to do with naughty sex is more a misogynistic gloss on the story than an actual part of the Bible.)
  • 3. Since there's no obvious masculine noun that serves as the antecedent to this pronoun, it could also mean "taste him."
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brightswanbrightswan    Terça-feira, 09/10/2012 - 08:34

Footnote 1: a straight translation would be "such as curiosity tormenting you." You could also use "just as" or "like..."

The best reference I could find was the free dictionary: http://de.thefreedictionary.com/so

"so einer wie ich/er → somebody like or a person such as myself or me/him;"

there's a lot on that page, but you can find it easily by doing a search with "such as".

fulicaseniafulicasenia    Terça-feira, 09/10/2012 - 08:51

Thanks for your suggestion, brightswan. I totally get what you mean, but when I write either version into the song, I think it sounds kind of clunky, so I'm just going to call my version 'close enough' :).