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Traduções idiomáticas de "Five-O"

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O que significa "Five-O"?


(Taken from the Urban Dictionnary). Short for police officers. Originated from the TV show Hawaii 5-0 which was a copp show in the 1970's. Hawaii is the 50th state, hence the nickname "5-0".

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Désigne les policiers, une descente de police, ... . A l'origine, le nom dérive d'une série télévisée des années 70. Hawaii étant le 50ème Etat américain, le nom "five" (=5) et "o" (=0) découle de ce nombre.

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"Five-O" em letras

Jacques Dutronc - It's five o'clock, Paris wake up (Lyrics)

It is five o'clock (a.m.)
Paris get up
It is five o'clock
I don’t want to sleep

Selena - Wherever You Are

I wake up without the morning
By five o'clock in the afternoon it has already ended
It's one more without your glance

Sfera Ebbasta - Cupido

Count racks in a room, we together (gang)
Get back, we get it in wide loads (wide loads)
Here comes the Five-O (12!)
Don't tell nobody, your eyes closed (eyes closed)

Manu Chao - Life with two

Let me come in the day
It's midnight in Tokyo
It's five o'clock in Mali
What time is it in paradise?

Pavlos Sidiropoulos - Do love me

I'm writing you because I need to
it's five o'clock and dawning too
The only thing that is left standing

Haloo Helsinki! - Baby

Who are you
And what are you doing in front of me at five o'clock
It's the small hours and I'm sinking into your eyes again

Arttu Wiskari - Under a cloud shaped like Finland

We make the world better by sipping liquor in the kitchen,
We chain smoke under the broken range hood.
And past five o'clock in the morning when also the neighbors' booze has been drunk, it's good to go to bed when the world has been created anew

Liberato - You Forgot Me

Let's go down to Mergellina
Don't speak about it anymor
At five o'clock
It's me and you

Beyoncé - Freiheit

Sieben irreführende Behauptungen über meine Person
Sechs Autoscheinwerfer scheinen in meine Richtung
Five-O (Polizei) fragt mich, was ich im Besitz habe
(impliziert eventuelle Drogen)

Maxime Le Forestier - San Francisco

After years on the road
And we come there to sit around our meal
Everyone is there, at five o' clock in the evening

Migos - Slippery

Iced out watch (ice), ridin' round ten o' clock (ten)
Ridin' round, geeked up, damn, think it's three o'clock (three)
Four o'clock (four), five o'clock, six o'clock (five)
I'm gon' pop, if I don't I'm back to the pot (whip)

Tryo - Sorry About Last Night

"Well, bye then, call me!"
Five o'clock, girl thanked, I call a meeting,
I stink of gin, vodka and sake!

Chagrin d’Amour - Each does as he pleases

I run a red light, police, patrol
I squeeze my cheeks there;'s nothing urgent
"Four, Five francs my rose"
Calls the little Thing in the pink morning

Killa Fonic - Miami Bici (OST)

No petty thief, i plan to do it smart, papi
Hidden in plain sight, like illuminati,
Not on the phone, the Five-O's will hear us, bro
Nobody moves an eyelid when we're sitting in the armchairs, isnt it?

Rino Gaetano - ahi maria

Imitated a cat saying bau bau
Because he studied languages
And he wanted the five o'clock tea
An old fakir told me

Khalid - Talk

I'll make sure I leave the door unlocked
Now I'm on the way, swear I won't be late
I'll be there by five o'clock

Mohamed Hamaki - Oh StraNger

Flying at five o'clock, and people traveling and bags a lot.
I am between the farewell tears, and called back and last look.
I was making my decision.
What I need to do, is to eat my life

Gripin - Five

Multiplying my head against the wall

I woke up, it's three, four, five (o'clock)
Doesn't matter for me

Reinhard Mey - Stay alert

"We can't fully exclude fighting missions."
They're pulling us in, step by step
And since five o'clock this morning we're shooting back again!

Yves Montand - Is This How Men Live?

Lola, who will be with you soon.
Another glass of liquor.
It was in April, at five o' clock,
At dawn, when into your soft heart