Erdő, Erdő ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Forest, forest

Forest, forest, forest,
Round forest of Marosszék.1
Birds dwell in it,
Twelve birds dwell [in it].
I'd give sugar2 to that bird
To sing out my sweetheart's name.
Perky3 little angel of mine,
For you does my heart ache gravely.
Wheat, wheat, wheat,
What a fair field of wheat!
In the middle of it
The4 rose has blossomed.
Thorn is its every branch,
The5 bird's legs can't bear it.
Dear little angel of mine,
I hear you became a soldier.6
[Repeated from verse 2.]
  • 1.ék
  • 2. Or candy.
  • 3. The meaning of "csárdás" as an archaic adjective is actually unknown to most of us, Hungarians. According to a user who cites the Explanatory Dictionary of the Hungarian Language (, it bears this meaning in the sense of "cheeky" and "sprightly".
  • 4. Here Hungarian uses the definite article, which could either mean one certain piece of rose, or an indefinite amount. The latter is likelier; in this case, "rose has blossomed in the middle of it" may be better put in English.
  • 5. Same case as above, so it could also be "birds' legs can't bear it" - slight difference though.
  • 6. An interesting construction in Hungarian; literally it's "I('m) hear(ing) your soldier-news." Means what is above, nevertheless.
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Erdő, Erdő

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