DJ Adaj - Thomnye Tootch (МС ДЖАдай - Тёмные тучи)

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Hey, why isn't this guy on lyricstranslate yet?

Could anyone submit the lyrics? ... And then I'll ask somebody else to translate it. Regular smile

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MC DJadaj???? LOL Regular smile

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What's so funny? MC near DJ ?
This guy's music sounds fine to my ears.
He sounds better (I am subjective, of course) than the only Russian rapper I know, Seryoga.

Seryoga sounds a bit too... western-like to me. This guy is a bit more... natural. I know they have different styles and this guy is more doing reggae than rapping. So, what was laughable in my previous comment?

P.S. I don't speak Russian. I hope this guy's lyrics level up (live up to) my positive opinion about him. Regular smile

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DJadaj means Jedi (from Star Wars) in russian.
You can find lyrics on youtube in this video's description.


I hope someone will add this song to the LT collection and make corrections to the Youtube translation. As a native English speaker, there are too many errors in the translation for me to be able to figure out what he is saying.

Also, it would be nice to have the original Russian lyrics.

Also, I would like the lyrics and an English translation to "Раффаэлло-Мохито - Raffaello-Mohito" by MC Djadaj. I can't find them on the internet.

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"bwoy" and "raggamuffin" are some reggae slang words.
This song exploits a popular theme of russian protests.

Dark clouds have thickened over our heads
Dark clouds get into consciousness
There are dark clouds on TV and in advertizing
Dark clouds control minds

Dark clouds are thicking over our heads, this is an oppression
How much more of our blood will a blood-sucker drink?
He will change the history
A new chaos is coming, is coming
So blood will flow

So blood will flow
So blood will flow
So blood will flow

Wake up, don't sleep, get up
Get into the main idea bwoy
This my raggamuffin
Is like a strong tea
Stand up for yourself - be a nice fellow
Be a father for your children
Not their fighter

The one who has climbed quickly to great height
Can fall down very far
Very, very far, to distant lands
But even there a fir-tree can fall on the head

Take nicotine, counterfeit hop
Destroy yourself special for Russian guys
Destroy yourself, pay for it to the mister
Mister is good, he will never get into prison


Thank you, Kadilov. That was very helpful.

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By the way, did I make some mistakes, punctuation or stylistic?


Kadilov, you've done a fine job. Without the original Russian lyrics I cannot judge for certain, but here are some suggestions off the top of my head that I would make for improving the English style:

1) line 2: "into OUR consciousness"
2) first line of 2nd paragraph: "this is an oppression" - In English we would say, "This is oppressive"
3) first line of 5th paragraph: "to great height" - In English the expression is "to great heights
4) first line of last paragraph: "counterfeit hop" - I don't understand this phrase.
5) third line of last paragraph: "pay for it to the mister" - This is just a guess, but would this be better expressed as "pay it to the man" ?
6) last line of last paragraph: "he will never get into prison" - Perhaps this would be better expressed by "he will never go to prison"

I hope this is helpful. I'm really appreciative that you took the time to make this translation.

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1.) no doubt, your variant is more logical, at the same time original text doesn't contain "our". It is a question for a professional linguists...
2.) ok, interesting
3.) ok, interesting
4.) hop in a meaning of a drug (I also didn't know such "international" slang before),
"countrefeit" - here I tried to translate a slang word "палёный". Also may be "fake" or "illegal". In case of a heroin, which is almost always illegal, this could mean "fake" or "with additives"
5.) ok, this is equivalent for me in this context. I tried to find a word that is used by children and describes adult male person. There is "дядя" in original text.
6.) ok, seems like my variant means "he is trying to do that", doesn't it?