İngilizce veya Almanca konuşan var mı?

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Ben Almanım. Maalesef, sadece biraz Türkçe konuşuyorum. Lütfen 'Kalan kalır' Ahmet Kaya'dan çeviriniz (İngilizce veya Almanca)!

Please, is there anyone who can translate this song into English? Kann jemand dieses Lied auf Deutsch übersetzen?

Şimdiden teşekkür ederim/Thanks in advance/ Vielen Dank im Voraus

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Merhaba. Bir bakayim ne yapabilrim sizin için Regular smile It has quite abstract lyrics, i'll put it in English for you but might leave you in fog in some parts.
Have a good day..

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Thanks a lot! Sağolun! "Bir bakayim ne yapabilrim sizin için" = "I'll see what I can do for you", right?

You said the lyrics are quite abstract and I actually do have some questions and would be happy if you could answer them.
I think in this song the protagonist is about to die, is he? Does the song a have a message (e.g. political) that I didn't get?
It might be due to the abstract lyrics but I did not understand the translation of the first verse.
I've found an entry on, which makes me think that "Vur sırtına" means "put on your shoulder" and in the last line it might be "put my pains on your shoulder/ back"?

(Quote from, "vurmak")
9. /ı, a/ to put (one thing) on (another): Dudu bohçayı sırtına vurdu. Dudu put the large bundle on her shoulder.

"Giden gider kalan kalır" is it some kind of saying? Who remains, remains and he who leaves, leaves, but it's a trivial fact like water is water. Is there some meaning behind it, like you "Let travellers embark on their journey"?

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