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Hi! I like manele, but I don't really know much Romanian. Nevertheless, I am sometimes shameless enough to murder a Romanian lyric with my ignorant translation. I can translate German lyrics into English, but somehow I fear that by translating icky heavy metal lyrics from German into English, I'm not building up any kind of credit with the people who could help me out by translating manele lyrics into English. Oh well!!!!

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So, what's your favourite "manea" (song)?

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ok.. i'll put few into english for you . Request a song Regular smile

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A lot of my favorite songs are already translated. I'm not sure I have one favorite song, but if I did, maybe it would be Denisa and Florin Salam singing Iubira Iarta-ma (it's like they were spying on my love life Sad smile ). Or, if I'd rather be happy, Denisa singing De Dragul Tau. Or, if I'd rather be naughty, Azis singing Tochno Sega. Anything by Denisa or Costi.

Some of my favorite songs right now, that are also untranslated, include:

Babi Minue & Denisa & Mr Juve - Jumatate eu Jumatate tu

LeLe & Adrian Minune - Dade, dade

laura vass si copilul de aur esti fitos mare fitos

Nicolae Guta & Roxana Printesa Ardealului Ibiza (too crass, I know... but they drive a Trabi!)

Trupa lu Peste Jur sa mi crape inima