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Mon gros probleme c'est que pour la chanson que j'aimerais faire traduire j'ai pas les paroles.
Sur le net impossible de les trouvées, j'ai le CD mais y'a pas les paroles dans le livret
alors je suis coincé.


si vous pouvez m'aider merci bien

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Wow, that was hard to understand! I think I understood a lot of it, but some lines I just couldn't get. It sounds like a native speaker of French improvising the words in English, so... maybe not all of it is idiomatic English or makes perfect sense. Here's what I could get:

Baby I'm {cold/come} again
just try to feel
baby I'm home and sweet again
Setting on that swing
There is a ???? ???? ????
My home is there
They want to {tie/try} me ???? ????
Baby it's dark and wrong in my head again
{Shook out and/she caught me} walking on the scene [?]
Baby I'm a walking man
{Who's got a cold[?]} and {some/long/lonesome} way to go ???? ???? ????

yeah yeah
Baby I'm a stranger ???? ????
I'm ???? ???? ????
Baby I'm afraid to see you go
???? ???? ????
???? ???? ???? ???? ????
Baby I'm walking on silver[?]
Baby I'm broken by my ????
If they were ???? ???? ???? ????
They would know that no romance, no man
Baby I'm sweet sweet and sulky
Baby I'm home and sweet to stay
No more ???? ???? ???? {inside your moon[?]}
There was a ????? ???? any any any way

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Thanks fulicasenia