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Born To Live

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It's hard for me to live without you,
to give every day, at all times, simply everything.
I think back so often to that which was,
To that beloved day in the past.
I imagine that you stand by me
And in every way you are at my side.
I think of so many things
ever since you’ve been gone
for you have shown me
how precious life is.
We were born to live
with the wonders of that time
Never to be forgotten
for all eternity
We were born to live
for that one moment
Because each of us has felt
how precious life is
It still hurts to create new space again,
To let something new happen with a good feeling.
At this moment you are close to me again
Like on that lovely day in the past
It is my wish to dream my dreams again
To look forward to a future without regret
I see a meaning (to life)
ever since you've been gone
for you have shown me
how precious my life is
Chorus (repeat to end)
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Geboren um zu leben

phillipjphillipj    Quinta-feira, 25/11/2010 - 15:50

The message of the song rings true: Life is intended to be filled with wonder and the realization how "precious" (wertvoll) it really is.

This song is from Unheilig's 2010 CD, Grosse Freiheit.