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Look at the comfort of shade tonight

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Tonight, make yourself comfortable of the shadow (Look at the comfort of shade tonight)
Also look at the luck of my destiny oh dear
Your dreams are gonna understand you so
Then get back and look at the state of the country
The world took its bag and is going
Has left to us more than that
Does not look back by returning
So come once taste my heart's bomb
We've put the justice in the middle
Has said us to return into ourselves, we're turned with its pace
Poor does not have informed about the money but so
Put the fruit of rich in his vodka
You hit my heart but come on
Say that who cares about whom
The snake is lying in your bosom
Put a kiss over the neck
Stand a while beside me
I've been left on the edge of abyss within blood and sweat
(No matter) Even if the angel of death has winked at us
(let it be) Even if the end of the life has embraced us
Wait a little beside me
I've been stood on the edge of abyss within blood and sweat
(No matter) If the angel of death will be even winking us
(let it be) If the end of life will be even embracing us
The morning pass beyond the night over its
I have fell on you from the top of it
That on the top of it, that resentful ones
Are resentful against the night
(No matter)
If it has taken the pen and the paper
If the sun has surrounded the night
If the death has stood at the door
If the other end of the road has become the end of us
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Gece Gölgenin Rahatına Bak

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AbeturkAbeturk    Terça-feira, 17/01/2017 - 09:17

Şarkıda gece ile kastedilen şey bugecedir.. fazla bilmesekte az çok ingilzcemiz var. sağol...