Get your act together

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Reiß dich zusammen!
Straighten up and fly right

Meanings of "Get your act together"


تقال لشخص تكون تصرفاته, كلامه, أفعاله فوضوية و متهورة و هو خلاف الرزانة و الرصانة التي يتطلبها الموقف

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get (one's) act together - To take action to become well-organized, prepared, or in a better state of life.
形容人長大的了, 懂得規劃和準備, 讓自己生活得更好.

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Mostly used as an imperative as well. It is stating that your actions, words, manner, conduct is chaotic, disorganized, reckless, not what it should be.
Your act would be literally a skit, a performance. Getting it together would mean to have it memorized, well timed, and performed well.

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Έλα στα συγκαλά σου

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взять себя в руки; сосредоточиться; собраться с мыслями.

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"Get your act ..." em letras

Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama

I ain't your mama, boy (Na, na, na)
I ain't your mama, boy (Na, na, na)
When you're gon' get your act together? (No, I ain't your mama, no)
No, I ain't your mama

Spice Girls - Wannabe

If you wanna get with me, better make it fast
Now don't go wasting my precious time
Get your act together, we could be just fine

Quest for Camelot (OST) - If I Didn't Have You

Stop bickering and get your act together.

Fauve ≠ - Youth Talking Blues

Skid blues
Passing into the adult age
Get your act together
Destruction of fantasies

Big Bang - This Love

My friends look at me and say I'm an idiot
They ask is she really that great?
They say get your act together, she was playing you
It doesn't matter to me, it's nothing

Sasha (Deutschland) - It Ain't That Bad

Your heart's just fine

Get your act together
You silly child

The Lion King (OST) - Be Prepared | Junbihae

You all are so foolish
As dim-witted as boars
Alright, This time get your act together!
This is very important

Universe - We Were Like This

Hence I wait for a pale dawn
For those few words
Get your act together, dry those tears

Björn Afzelius - Misogeny

Because this morning a guy came and gave me a check.
He wanted to make a film of my breasts and my ass.
But I said "Pal you ought to get your act together!
Because you should fucking not live by spreading any misogeny!"

Mandy Moore - One Sided Love

So read my lips for the last time
I tell you now with no regret
if you don't get your act together
Even your name, I will forget

Destiny's Child - No No No Part 2

I can see right through you
And you know you wanna be mine
So get your act together
Cause you're running out of time

BoA - Did Ya

(shoulda shoulda but you didn't did ya?)
You shoulda known I'm not gonna sit around
And wait for you to get your act together, shoulda known better
Don't say you wanna, don't say you were gonna

No Angels - Too Old

This is a song for all you half assed lovers
This is a song for all you half assed lovers
Get your act together before I call your mother

S Club 7 - All In Love Is Fair

And show me
Stop wasting time
And if you need me, get your act together boy
And show me

Mononc' Serge - Sign My Boobs

And so now, little boy, listen to me well
It's high time for you to get your act together
Drop out of school, come on, hurry up

No Angels - Eleven Out Of Ten

She's eleven outta ten for misery
So get your act together
Can't you see?