Aegis - Gumising Na Tayo ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Let Us Wake Up

I went
to a club in Manila
And I listened
to the music of the band and they played
our music
Should be our own
But then over there
Singing foreign music
Let us wake up
Don't you see
What I mean
Let us wake up
Aren't we ashamed
We are in our country
Let us wake up
Don't you see
What I mean
What we need
good musicians who are our own
To progress
Our music should be our own songs
Our own
songs for us
Our language, Filipino music
My friends and
my peers, don't you notice
The foreign tune
they're good but
the heart and feel isn't Pinoy*
Cause seldom comprehended
seldom understood
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*Pinoy : slang for Filipino/Pilipino nationality


Gumising Na Tayo

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