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Skaldic Haka

(?I'm assuming this is an exclamation)
(old man)
(cry for them)
(man or woman)
The household wanes
threw a death wave over those
The oarlocks wore out for,
with the tired mast-top
with the tired mast-top
The godly-fish from
Firnøy’s streams in the drift of
the land of shining meadows
the land of shining meadows
Who brought the horde to the land afar?
Adicionado por Dave MaisonDave Maison em Terça-feira, 08/01/2019 - 23:37
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I only made my account to post this translation because the other one is so wildly incorrect its not even funny.

* [square brackets] aren't pronounced;
* (parentheses) couldn't find an actual historic reference, so I filled it with Icelandic homophones. So, parentheses are most likely incorrect.

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ScieraSciera    Sábado, 12/01/2019 - 15:05

Thanks for your contribution!
But next time please ask a mod or editor to correct the lyrics instead of adding a duplicate.
I've added the normalized lyrics you provided as a transliteration to the other entry and moved this translation there, too.
May I ask for your source for the first few lines?