Para Normal'nykh - Happy End ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Happy End

With a chalk I`ll draw, I`ll write:
"I love you"
Two scenarios of one Fate
Different oulook and colour of one Game
Write about you leaving,
But soon came back Forever.
It`s you who draw on postcards
Doors for me, henceforth closed.
Don`t write "the End",
I`ll contrive a happy End. (contrive= devise, forge, invent)
I`ll turn everything,
so that two hearts again beat synchronized.
It`s all like a movie,
Just let me finish it`s filming.
Don`t write "the End",
I`ll contrive a happy End.
You sure know, it`s all correctable,
Expunge, Rewrite the book Cover
Reshoot all scenes, monologues,
expunge so much of the script.
Change the decorations for the Autumn,
None will ask about locations.
Let me do that secretly,
So it`ll all come out as unintentionally.
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