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I have no idea what happened to me
Something changed the light to darkness - inverted
One year, two, passed, I had it rough
I feel like a trashy loser again, because
Everything is crumbling except this wall before me
I told myself many times “change something” so I changed things
I was far from here, turns out, that it wouldn't last
I’m standing right here, where I stood a few years back
Though the eyes, with which I see lost their light somewhere
Along the way if it weren't for those few push-ups and sit-ups
Which I do persistently, daily I’d be still laying in bed all day
You can’t reach me via telephone fam. Something came up again
I don't want to exchange even two words with anyone
I’m in a slump, fuck replying to messages
I don’t want visits, unless, you have my prescription
I take the ones, that I have, seems they just fly into the void
How many of them do I gotta devour, to not wanna die?
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A cold wind blows on the trail of broken dreams
Somewhere deep at the bottom of my frozen heart
Yet I don't know how to find the light inside me, even in the daylight
I think I’m obsessed with guns, the noise of shots
At least I defended myself fiercely during my visit at the ARC
So I need it at least once in each album, click, click, bang!
Cziki, pow! blow! or another sound
It sits inside me somewhere why do I like to hold it to my temple
My fingers imitating the shape of a gun?
The emotional sinusoids, of my brain
Fly me from K2 all the way to Mariana’s Trench
I once pinned the blame solely on booze
I stopped drinking, because I knew, how it destroys my morality
And I cared about us, it was supposed to be easy, but instead
I turned into a boor ruining your chill spots in the city
You didn't deserved any of my frustrations
And I never wanted you to find me with a hole in my skull
More than once I've thought about Nirvana, just one shot
Like Kurt, that's why I got "Whatever nevermind" across my chest, pow!
ref. x2
In all the sentences in my life there is a voice of punctuation,
This is my good, inseparable friend - self-destruction
My number one enemy, the threshold from every gate
It appears very often here, when I am left alone
She doesn't care if my idea is sound
When she takes a seat next to me, I see the world through a dirty mosquito net and
Everything disappears from my cash, my career, to my fans
And once again I'm that shy kid from the school days
I threw everything on the table in the game of dreams
I'm the madman, who still has hope smoldering inside
Nothing's for free, though sometimes I'd like to hear opinions
My friends graduated, today they have families
I'm different, I used to be proud of that
Today, even I can't tell if I’ll ever be happy, or die a sad person
Like now, I do know, because I've been through this many times,
That there's no reason to leave the theater, while the session goes on
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Comentários do autor:

Negatyw - Negative as in a photograph. The light has been switched to dark.

Fam - slang for close a friend

ARC (WKU) - (Army Recruiting Command) is a unit of military administration in Poland, dealing with military draft. It is subordinate to the local representatives of Ministry of National Defence.

Sinusoid - (blood vessel)

K2 - is the second-highest mountain on Earth

Boor - an unrefined, ill-mannered person.

Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the American grunge band Nirvana, was found dead at his home. Cause of death was suicide via shot gun. Smells Like Teen Spirit - "Oh, well, whatever, nevermind"



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