Quimby - Homo Defektus ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Homo Defectus

You must not act like a petrified sculpture
A crap actor on a puppet stage
the one and only lost existence
A dead tourist on a ghost gondola
It seems empty and rubbish from here
A stuttering, deep-frozen god is watching
A schizoid Micky Mouse is playing music
to cats on a honky-tonk piano for it sees a heavenly sign
Wounded wings on an operating table
A zombidream is hiding in the bush
Babylon burning in a TV show
Christ is learning how to hate in the Lipót (a former home for mentally ill people in HU, Budapest)
All that willpower straining against one another
Exhaling in catatonic spasms from desire
There’s mud and blood on my tongue
A lead Napoleon takes his revenge
I am here, so open the gates
Hear my cursed name
Slap my face hard, you moustached angels
Show me where love is
I tossed the coin, but it fell on its edge
A silent war with muted weapons
Nothing stays the same
At once beauty and beast
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Homo Defektus

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