Hoop doet leven ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para InglêsInglês

Hope makes life

The first cry, a baby is born
A mother who moans, and cries and laughs
He is so small, her child, the life begins
The baby grows so fast, he is so handsome
Look mama look, his first step
He looks with big eyes at everyone
Who stands around him
There shines hope, hope for living
In the eyes of every child
Without hope you cannot live
But you also don't stand alone
There are friends and family standing around you
He becomes the new drummer of the band
This boy bursting with talent
He dreams of a star that shines at the firmament
He knows what he wants and he works so intensely
Let him do, he'll get there
But he wants so much and he lives so very fast
And he sings:
I set hope, hope in life
I want to go do so much
Without hope I don't want to live
But I also don't stand alone
I have my friends and family around me
On a morning the world stands still
His fingers feel cold and chilly
He curses and cries and prays: they stay chilly
He knows what waits for him
This becomes a Way of the Cross that never passes
And the sun that will slowly go under
He looks at me and says:
Hope, hope makes life
I go on as long as I can
Without hope I don't want to live
But don't leave me alone now
I want friends and family around me
He has fought for his life
Like a lion he gave everything, the last hope
I hear children playing in the street
So carefree and full of mischief
They are the young life that goes further
The new hope!
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Hoop doet leven

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