Ideal Lover (理想情人) ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Ideal Lover (Líxiǎng Qíng Rén)

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I put on my dress and check my watch
Its almost time, my heart beats fast
My first date with you is almost here
Golden sunlight floods the walkway/sidewalk
I change my lip balm/stick and finish doing my hair
I want you to see the good (in) me
I love watching you walk with confidence
You intense gaze when you talk
Your soft expression the innocence in your smile
I believe
A better person than you cannot be found
How many points does the ideal lover in your heart recieve (How would you define your ideal lover?)
Maybe it will also have my part (Maybe I'll stand a chance)
I really want to know who your "100%" would go to (What kind of person your 100% would go to)
My love, don't make me a stranger and only add to casual joking around (relationship) (this line pretty much means to please let me be an important part of your life)
I want to ask for you to change our relationship from friends to lovers
Can you please tell me your expectations and don't keep me waiting
Listening to the time "walk" (pass by)
Across the street you nod
Like a dream slowly
walking toward me
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Comentários do autor:

I tried to translate it as closely as possible to the way it is in chinese but it might make more sense in english if the words were rearranged, which i did for some in parenthesis, but I tried to stay true to the lyrics so you might have to use your imagination to understand some awkward comparisons in the song:)

By the way, I love this song and I love Rainie!! This song is from the drama "Devil Beside You" which is really cute, and realllyyy cheesy to a point that is disgustingly fake sometimes, AND Mike He looks retarded, but it is still okay. But I recommend watching "Why Why Love" also starring these two because Mike looks a lot cuter and the story line is cuter and not as strained until the end which is really sloppy. But you should watch it and the songs Ai Mei (Ambiguity) and Que Yang (breathless) in the two dramas also by Rainie are also really good! You can watch them and pretty much any other asian drama with english lyrics at!

I really hope this translation helps!! Regular smile


Ideal Lover (理想情人)

music.drunk    Sexta-feira, 26/02/2010 - 05:32

please ignore the last paragraph stanza thing at the end I meant to delete it:)

alexandra    Domingo, 28/03/2010 - 04:14

thank you for translating it........