Murphy's law

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  • Expressão: Murphy's law
  • Idioma: Inglês
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закон подлости

O que significa "Murphy's law"?


When anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. That's Murphy's Law.

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Ό, τι είναι να πάει στραβά θα πάει

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"Murphy's law" em letras

MiatriSs - Deadline

I'm that type of a man

Murphy's law isn't slacking
Everyone needs everything and now

Gemitaiz - David

I'll wait two hours and try again,
But her phone always has a dead battery,
Murphy's Law,
Skin with scratches,

Cartoon Songs - Milo Murphy's Law Intro

The sun is rising, the sky is blue
I'm wearing my totally awesome sweater vest
The shadow of the tree is falling so neatly
Remember to enjoy it all before it's too late

Angèle - Murphy's Law

Then, everything turns to shit, first it came the rain
Murphy's law has decided to wreck my hairdo
A man asks me for a direction, I kindly help him

Róisín Murphy - Murphy's Law

Murphy's law
(Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on)
Murphy's law

Namika - No Matter

The neighbors are ringing storm with me
The gas heating has exploded
I'm rewriting Murphy's Law

Põhja-Tallinn - I go and come

and everything's still here

That Murphy's law works, not funny any more,
Every chance left later pay back

Gemitaiz - Davideital

I wait two hours and I try again
But her phone is always dead
Murphy's law
Scratched skin

CIMINI - Murphy's law

Behind schooldesks when you made a mistake,
Stuck in a heavy traffic jam when you're playing football:
According to Murphy's law everyone's better than you,
Everyone's better than me.

Welcome to Waikiki 2 (OST) - What's This! Why's This Happening!

What is this? Why is this happening?
What’s going on?
There’s not a single quiet day
Now I’m afraid of tomorrow

Milo Murphy's Law [OST] - Milo Murphy's Law Theme Song (German)

Die Sonne scheint hell, der Himmel ist blau,
schickes Hemd mit Wollpullunder wirkt echt schlau,
was für ein Briefkasten, was für ein Baum,
ich genieß' mein Leben, besser geht es kaum

Milo Murphy's Law [OST] - Milo Murphy's Law Theme Song (Russian)

Солнечный свет,
Небо. Привет,
Как прикольно я одет!

Cartoon Songs - Milo Murphys Lov Intro [Milo Murphy's Law Intro]

Solen står op, himlen er blå
Jeg har min megafede sweatervest på
Skyggen fra træet falder så pænt
Husk at nyde det hele, før det er for sent

Epic Rap Battles of History - Terminator vs Robocop

Nice try, but I'm too quick on the draw
What can go wrong for you will, creep: Murphy's law!


that i forgot all your words forever
Forgot your warmth, and I felt calm
Drinking a couple shots, Murphy's law

Rapsodos Filologos - Triliza(a mini-game)

You would have gained so much money from the double-shifts
I let it flow and come
Something like Murphy's law
And as long as i'm standing to mock my bad luck

Milo Murphy's Law [OST] - Milo Murphy's Law Theme Song

Look at that sun, look at that sky
Look at my sweater vest, I look so fly
Look at that mailbox, look at that tree
It's about as beautiful as it can be

Milo Murphy's Law [OST] - Milo Murphy's Law Theme Song (Ukrainian)

Сонце вгорі, неба блакить,
Мій жилет у смужку вас заполонить.
Скринька стоїть, клен пожовтів,
Все чудово так що аж бракує слів!

Renan Luce - In love with a cop

She issued my warning with class
She blew warm air
On the end of her pen
She issued my warning with grace

Milo Murphy's Law [OST] - Milo Murphy's Law Theme Song (Korean)

태양을 봐 하늘을 봐
방탄복 입고 있는 날 좀 봐
우체통하고 나무를 봐
내 주변의 모든 것이다 먼져