Sweep under the rug

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Traduções idiomáticas de "Sweep under the rug"

aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern
feje noget ind under gulvtæppet
Ne lavi malpuran tolaĵon ekster la domo
Ne pas laver son linge sale en public
A szőnyeg alá söpör
tell tales out of school
Не выносить сор из избы

O que significa "Sweep under the rug"?


to conceal something embarrassing, unpleasant, something that you don't want other people to know about; to conceal or ignore a problem in the hope that it will be forgotten.

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Úgy tesz egy bizonyos dologgal kapcsolatban, mintha meg sem történt volna; elfed egy problémát remélve, hogy majd elfelejtődik

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замять что-л.; скрывать что-л.; сделать вид, как будто ничего не произошло.

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"Sweep under the rug" em letras

Kany García - Stay

We've gone though so many winters
winning battles, getting weaker
Trying to sweep under the rug
that old resentment that wants to slip out

Brand New - The Archer's Bows are Broken

Order your daughters to ignore me, think that will sort me
and sweep me under the rug
And a beating with a book everyone

Kelsea Ballerini - Homecoming queen?

Still walking on eggshells when that curtain's closed
Did your daddy teach you how to act tough?
Or more like your momma, sweep it under the rug

Dead Kennedys - Soup Is Good Food

We're sorry
But you're no longer needed
Or wanted
Or even cared about here

Get Scared - What If I'm Right

They'd love to call the search off
For me to go away
Just sweep me under the rug
Then no one takes the blame

Karl William - Far Out

[Verse 1]
I dreami like no one else (ah, ooh)
Send it on to my cherubs (ooh, ah)
Keep myself out of it and indoor (ah, ooh)

Tove Lo - Don't Talk About It

Don't talk about it
Sweep it under the rug like we do, do
Don't talk about it

ZuluChyld - I'm Not Ready

Here we are
Tomorrow's today
Wrapped in your arms
Waiting on the train platform

Tenille Arts - Growing Old Young

Of fightin' words comin' from the living room
Going shot-for-shot in another round
We just sweep it under the rug
Never talk about it at all

Jewel - Little Sister

Hey little sister I heard you went to Mr. So and So,
Knock knock knockin' on his door
Again last night, said you needed it bad
You know that ain't right

Marčelo - JBG (Fuck it)

I bitch, but quietly, then vote the same, because - fuck it.
I'd take him down for a bit, but I also wouldn't.
Better to stay out of it, better to sweep it under the rug.
I'm not ashamed at the thought of it all sinking as I swim