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Yesterday's news

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  • Expressão: Yesterday's news
  • Idioma: Inglês
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O que significa "Yesterday's news"?


Someone or something that is yesterday's news is no longer interesting.

Explicado por Convidado em Sexta-feira, 24/08/2018 - 15:09
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"Yesterday's news" em letras

Yandel - Explain to Him

That now you're with the Boss, that he shouldn't raise his voice at you

Yesterday's news
As Lavoe put it

Poyushchie vmeste - Someone just like Putin

My boyfriend got drunk and played the fool again
He fought, and ended up eating dust.
I've had enough of him, so I sent him away
And now I want to me someone just like Putin.

MC Mong - Sick Enough To Die 2

This too shall pass, I guess, the distance between us is either this or that
I got nothing to lose love is yesterday news

Sertab Erener - You will forget

There are no news about tomorrow, yesterday is over
Clock rang the last day and left
Promises grew old on the lips
Words got tied into a knot and finished

Yandel - I Dont Want Love

It was you who turned of the illusion
Searching myself but not anymore
Yesterday's news, it's gone
The last that stayed

Natali - A Guy Like Putin!

My boyfriend isn't up to anything serious,
He's having affairs with my friends.
I’m so done with him, so I kicked him away.
And now I want a boyfriend like Putin!

Ralph McTell - Streets of London

In his eyes you see no pride
Hand held loosely at his side
Yesterday's paper telling yesterday's news

Dimitris Mpasis - Life

Do not ask me for songs in
yesterday's news now worn away
don't look around for moons that

Poyushchie vmeste - A Guy Like Putin!

My boyfriend got into wicked business again,
Got into a fight and swallowed some weird stuff.
I’m so done with him, so I kicked him away.
And now I want a boyfriend like Putin.

Poyushchie vmeste - Someone Just Like Putin!

My boyfriend got into a mess again,
He fought, he drank some hard liqour.
Enough is enough, so I sent him away.
And now I only want someone like Putin. 1

  • 1. As fun as it is to mock the song, no, she doesn't want a man who looks like Putin, she wants a man acts and behaves like Putin.

Sertab Erener - Söz Bitti

there is no news about tomorrow , yesterday is over.
the hours took away the last day.
the promises became wet on the lips.

Lana Del Rey - Black Bathing Suit

My black bathing suit
(Oh, let 'em talk about me)
They're just yesterday's news
(They're fucking broke and we're laughin' about them)

Chage and Aska - Pride

While I murmur, I go upstairs
When I arrived to the dawn door
There was a letter with the yesterday news
Throwing my broken body on the bed

Echo & the Bunnymen - It's alright

Here comes tomorrow
And yesterday's news
Empty and Hollow

Gretchen Peters - The Night You Wrote That Song

Yesterday's newspaper forecast no rain for today
Oh,.but yesterday's news is old news, now the skies are all gray
But the East Texas hills are alive with the children in spring

Sertab Erener - The Promise is Over

(Repeat CHORUS until end)
There are no news for tomorrow, yesterday's over.
The clocks rung one last day and left.
Oaths grew old upon lips.

Dalida - Travel without baggage

Like a bird in the sun
Faces, places
All yesterday's news

Anssi Kela - Morning

Sleep is fading in the twilight in the room
I force my eyes to stay open
your hair next to me smells of summer
No, I cannot get up.

Useless ID - Don't wanna grow up

I don't want a fat loan
With 20% interest for about a hundred years
Excellent conditions for a convenient mortgage
With pension fund and exit points

Đorđe Balašević - Branislava (yellow)


She used to be a flower, but, that's yesterday's news...
We're all masters of the Universe, OH YES, at about 26