Il pleut sur Bruxelles ( Tradução para Inglês)

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It rains over Brussels

There is Jeff making a face
Sitting on the sidewalk
Since he is totally alone
It is not pretty to see
There's also Matilda
Who never returned
There's also Matilda
Who will never return again
And then, there was Frida who did not love him
Among these people, we never left
But he, he does not care much
But he, he sleeps alone
He does not need anything
He has found his island
An island of sun and waves of sky
And it rains over Brussels
The sailors of Amsterdam
Snuff out more under the stars
Marie who has the tears
Has drowned in the channel
And then, there are the Flemish
Who do not forget anything
From Vesoul to Oostende
We get used to it all
Only Titine and Madeleine
Believe he is still there
They will often wait for him by tram 33
A strength to say "I am coming"
A force to talk to them
A strength to say " I am coming"
He is there even when gone
He has joined Jojo
Fanette and Fernand
Maybe a little too early
But he, he is happy
He did not hear
That thousands of voices
Sang to him
"Jacky do not leave us!"
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Il pleut sur Bruxelles

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