Biagio Antonacci - Il Prato Delle Anime ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

The Meadow Of Souls

I have stayed still for long time...there
To look for my the meadow of souls
And these shabby seems that...I do not fly anymore
Suddenly a soul, mine
What a impression to observe it from up here
Something in me is not right
Is it just here that I will change!?
UUUUUUU The not-love will go from me
UUUUUUU And it is not fantasy
UUUUUUU It is not the usual ugly lie
UUUUUUU I have seen my soul!
UUUUUUU It has no colour, nor shape, nor smell
UUUUUUU It knows what is inside me
UUUUUUU It is really mine...
This high sun reflects it a bit..
I have felt it, how to say...
You have let me to go away...
As you see, I am free, a bit like you were
You have prefered to me two more coins.
I am a toy if you do not come back into me
I am a jar...without soul
I am a page...that you can skip
I am nobody...without soul
UUUUUUU And the soul rose
UUUUUUU He stepped close to his mouth
UUUUUUU And he kissed it
It is my soul...
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Il Prato Delle Anime

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