Jack of all trades

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Meanings of "Jack of all trades"


a person who can do many different types of work but who is not necessarily very competent at any of them. Ex.: Jack of all trades and master of none.

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Factotum, tuttofare, usualmente usato come "Jack of all trades and master of none" uno che sa fare tutto ma esperto di nulla.

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универсал; умелец; мастер на все руки (часто иронически: но ни в чём глубоко не разбирающийся).

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"Jack of all trades" em letras

Rita Lee - Pagu

Only those, executed by burning, know
What it feels like being turned into ashes.
I'm a jack of all trades. (0)
God gives horns to my butting cow.(1)

George Michael - Killer/Papa was a rollin' stone


Say I heard my papa was a jack of all trades
Is that what papa sent to an early grave?

George Ezra - Did You Hear the Rain?

Did you steal my name?
Oh, you Jack of all trades
You’re the master of none

City and Colour - The Grand Optimist

I fear I'll die from complications, complications due to things that I've left undone
That all my debts will be left unpaid, feel like a cripple without a cane
I'm like a jack of all trades who’s a master of none

Rita Lee - Pagu

only those who ever have died in the fire
know what feels to be the coal.
I'm a jack-of-all-trades
God gave wings to my snake

Whitesnake - Gambler

No luck of the draw
When I dance with Queen of Hearts
A jack of all trades
But, a loser in love

Prince - Crucial

I ain't sayin' U're better, baby, I ain't sayin' U're not
I ain't sayin' anything until U stop
Baby, don't hold me back cuz baby, I.. baby I need a jack 4 all trades
A mind and body well made

Maria Rita - Pagu

Only those who died on the fire
Know what is like being a coal
I'm Jack of all trades
My adder can see

Alligatoah - Alli-Alligatoah

I speak using irony and riddles, I say words like "maybe" a lot (maybe!)
I raise my kids ambiguous
Magical jack of all trades, odd character, women-toucher
Sometimes I forget which words exist and which I just made

Donots - Parade Of One

I wanna be a parade
Hear the call me the jack of all trades
I'm passing by your house today

Macaco - Here's to you

here's to you.
To the hearts with no filling,
to jack-of-all-trades people,
here's to you.

DUCKWRTH - Fall Back

That is not a fair game
That’s aces of spades
The jack of all trades
Tuck in your jewels or they’re jackin yo chain

Super Junior - You Got It

Don’t say the obvious, I already know
I satisfy all five senses
A jack of all trades entertainer
I’m the main character in this scene

LAMP IN TERREN - Ghosts and Shadows

Goodbye, beautiful days

Mimicking a weapon that's a jack of all trades
The story’s lead has a hoarse voice

Magda Niewińska - Give me a man

He can be worn out.
Now I'll be enough for him.
A jack of all trades
to love and to complain.

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - The Juice of the Barley

Well, from that day to this, I have wandered alone
I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none
With the sky for me roof and the earth for me floor

brentalfloss - Ballad of the Mages

Both kinds of magic and swordplay too, y'all
So many skills that it takes to be a hero
A jack of all trades but the master of zero
What am I great at? Nothin' I'm told

The Smashing Pumpkins - Bury Me

I breathe in spades i know
I'm a jack of all trades
Won't you bury me?