Lars Winnerbäck - Jag har väntat på ett regn ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

I have waited for the rain

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This morning they hung Saddam
I'm not the one to blame
I may have seemd oppressive or something
But that's just the way I am
I had an overdosis of Eken
I climed over every limit
I wanted to be a hero or a gangster
I wanted to be something that feels
It's more narrow here on the streets
Though we are more far away from each other
There is a tower besidde the open sea
Inside there they do what they can
Perhaps a change will come
One day when chain will break
Maybe they got some plan inside that house there
Though they don't want us to notice it
*I have waited for the rain for to loose myself in it
I hear a heart that beats
Tonight I have beggd for a moment the mist draw away
For a welcome to spring *
We went far here you and me
Maybe so far we could go
Maybe there is no honest chance for us
But that's not the way I see it
It's like I have carried a course
Sometimes holding my head high
Sometimes with both hope and belief
But it is still the same thing
I've spread warmth a little
I've spread coldness a little
I'm not a hero or a gangster
I'm just a little "lost"
From the window I see the tooth of the time
Chains come and go
Nothing is part of this trend
Everybody just says hello
*I have waited for the rain...*
I have bought so cold things
I have walked down the cold street
Now I have been cold foor too long
Ain't gonna be cold anymore
Have you seen something in the eyes
I don't find ther
I can't the rules of this play
But you can come here gladly
Now I taste carefully
Warmth differs from coldness
I have to relearn starting from basics
I have to revalue everything
You are hard to live without
You are hard to live with
This morning thay hung Sanddam with a rope
I'm not the one to blame
*I have wated for the rain...*
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Jag har väntat på ett regn

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