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Tradução para Inglês

I'm fighting

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(chorus x2)
I'm fighting, I'm used to
Moving forwards through incertitude
I've kept the same attitude
I spread my wings and fly away
In 2000 everything was starting off
My first steps into music, my first dreams
My first texts on small sheets of paper
Today I want my voice to raise
I've struggled, I've been through hell, brushed
Short-lived, illusory carreers
Too quickly vanished promises
But I've always kept self-confident
I've slaved away through music since I was a little child
Honestly I've never made it for dough
I've promised to always keep it real
So my music can never get twisted
And I've heard so many people speak behind my back
Saying Kenza was sure of herself
Stories and lies about me
So that I couldn't spread my wings
(chorus x2)
I remember a whole period spent in youth centers
With my friends, it's there that everything started
My first vibe in the speakers I used to listen to
I first stepped onto the stage during neighbourhood concerts
I was living my dream
A little girl that was promised the moon and the stars
But the sun is rising
It was difficult to go out of my sleeping
But I kept self-confident
I owed you to move forwards
For you all who are supporting me
I stood up again
And I drew the force from deep in me
I refused to give up
For you who believed in me
I'm coming to bring you this track
(chorus x2)
To stop me, you need more than that
My family, my friends, my music, that's all I have
To stop me, you need more than that
My family, my friends, my music, that's all I have
(chorus x5)
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Je me bats

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