Jimmy Carter - I Wanted to Share My Father’s World


I Wanted to Share My Father’s World

This is a pain I mostly hide,
but ties of blood, or seed, endure,
and even now I feel inside,
the hunger for his outstretched hand,
a man’s embrace to take me in,
the need for just a word of praise.
I despised the discipline
he used to shape what I should be,
not owning up that he might feel
his own pain when he punished me.
I didn’t show my need to him
since his response to an appeal
would not have meant as much to me,
or been as real.
For those rare times when we did cross
the bridge between us, the pure joy
survives. I never put aside
the past resentments of the boy
until, with my own sons, I shared
his final hours, and came to see
what he’d become, or always was —
the father who will never cease to be
alive in me.
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