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Meanings of "Johnny-come-lately"


The expression is used for a new comer to dismiss his importance due to a lack of experience.

Example: The author of the book was under attack because he was a Johnny-come-lately to the field and didn’t have the reputation that the older, more established
authors had.

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Letteralmente “Gianni-arrivato-di recente”.
Un’ultimo arrivato in materia.

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выскочка; парвеню; новичок; человек, пришедший в последнюю минуту или слишком поздно.

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"Johnny-come-lately" em letras

Eagles - New Kid in Town

It's those restless hearts that never mend

Johnny come lately,
The new kid in town

The Waterboys - A Girl Called Johnny

I remember Johnny, hey
Johnny come lately
I remember her shoes like a ballerina

Hollywood Undead - New Day

So you hide behind them paper and them records that made me
Immunization, on papers I'm 18
Selling some rights for this Johnny come lately
Like fate in some bars, you think it fucking going to change me?

Fuel - Easy

I've seen you're Johnny-come-lately
Seen your exiled love parade
For you another hit is so easy
One more mask for the charade