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Paper Houses

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In the paper houses
As if igniting the fire to heat there
It's like coming to you
To fall to pieces million times.
The silence of a needle
Tailor is keeping it in his mouth
It's like being without you
Why is this like that? Why?
I can't live like that
Whatever I do
My ways are always icebound
I can't walking there, I can't walking there
And you, the most deceitful woman
To stay with you deliberately
It's like drawing your face on the water's sheet
To recall secretly your name
In the paper houses
Everything has burnt away, even dreams
But you, the most deceitful woman
How could you hurt the most?
I can't live like that
Whatever I do
Your ways are always icebound
You can't turning back from them, You can't turning back from them,
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Kağıt Evler

liamliam    Quinta-feira, 09/01/2014 - 08:15

Great song! So meaningful. By the way it´s not - "the" paper houses - just -paper houses-. And there is no need for the word "there" in line two.

If I didn´t missunderstand the turkish version ^^ it´s not "It's like coming to you" rather "Coming to you is like that" (different meaning)

I would prefer to translate "Ah olmuyor" in "Oh it does´t work.

And it´s absolutely not "deceitful woman"
That´s the most important sentence in this song.
Wrong woman, definitely.^^ "Wrong for him" Got it?