Karrieresong ( Tradução para Inglês)

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Career Song

Waking up, leaving, working and sleeping,
that's what your day's been like for years.
Cleaning the flat, feeding the kids, getting along with the other mothers,
someday the stress will eat you up.
And from time to time all that crap catches up with you
and you take the liberty to sit down for ten minutes, just let the others be stressed for once,
because you need a quick break.
And just then your boss arrives,
and he's totally nuts anyway,
and as he sees you sitting there
he fires you immediately.
And now you're sitting there in front of the job center and you're thinking about an ocean.
That's been the plan from the beginning, just driving out on a sailing barge.
Your whole childhood you've been sitting around and eating up all the shit they told you
in order to turn you into a work-animal,
and there's so many good things you rather didn't do because of this.
And you didn't care one bit about all this learning,
what did that have to do with your life?
But you pulled through
and you're well-behaved now,
and one has to go to work.
And all of that for a piece of paper,
and now you hold it in your hands.
The real life is now here, it's properly hanging i the cupboard now [literal translation]
And now you're sitting around in the lecture hall and a tear quietly and secretly runs down your cheek
and the thoughts start again.
After your A-Levels you wanted to go to Africa or Tibet with a truck.
Three years to go until it starts,
uni won't take long anymore.
And now you're sitting there in the retirement home and you'd rather be a bit younger.
Now you're out,
and that's because you can't be utilized anymore.
Life goes by so quickly,
your warnings fade away in the wind -
nobody's listening because
the youth just doesn't have time.
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