Kitto Ashita Wa ( Tradução para Inglês)


Kitto Ashita Wa

勇気をください ほんの1グラムでも
帰り道ひとりきり はなうたを歌えば
素直な気持ちになる ちょっぴり泣きたくなる
風のように さりげなくね
伝えたいな 明日は
まるで夕陽と同じ 追いかけても遠い
なのにどこへ逃げても ついてくるね、夢は
影踏みして 飛び越えてく
小石になれ いつかは
背伸びをしてみた ほんの1ミリだけど
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Surely Tomorrow

I hope to meet new me tomorrow.
Please give me courage even if it's just 1 gram.
If I'm humming while I'm coming home alone,
I come to be gentle feeling and come to want to cry slightly.
Without knowing why, today I couldn't say
after the quarrel "I'm sorry".
I'd like to say it informaly
like a breeze, tomorrow.
It looks as if it's the same as the sinking sun. Though I chase it, it's far from me.
But wherever I may escape, it follows me. It's dream.
Today I couldn't solve successfully
the problem on 5th page.
I'd like to overcome it as if when we step on shadows and play,
I jump over a pebble, someday.
I feel that I could meet new me tomorrow,
so I tried to straighten my body even if it's just 1 millimeter.
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