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La Casa del Sol Naciente ( Tradução para Inglês)

  • Artista: Frida Boccara Também cantado por: Bruno Lomas, Lone Star
  • Música: La Casa del Sol Naciente
Tradução para InglêsInglês

The House of the Rising Sun

Here he was born, here he dreamed1
Here my love lived.
But he's gone
He's no longer there
He's not there, my love, he's not there.
Home of the rising sun
Sun that is not there
A sun that will no longer shine
It will not shine.
Mysterious eastern sun
And bamboo houses.
A blue sky and a beautiful sea
But you, you are not there.
If I'm never going to see you again
If you'll never come back.
I will go far away from this home
To where I can forget you.
Forget the rising sun
And remember you no more.
If I can't have you any more
I don't want to remember.
  • 1. I think there is a spelling mistake here; "sonó" means "he sounded" or "he rang" but I don't think that that makes much sense, so I think the real word should be "soñó" with a tilde.
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La Casa del Sol Naciente

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