La dama de Reus i el Capitel·lo ( Tradução para Inglês)


La dama de Reus i el Capitel·lo

De la vila de Reus
Tota la gent ne fugí,
Llevat una noble dama
Qui hi té pres el seu marit.
Set anys fa que no el té amb ella;
Set anys fa que no l'ha vist!
Un dia, en baixant l'escala,
El capità que hi veu venir...
-«Capità! Oh, Capitel·lo!
Treieu d'allà el meu marit!»
La dama sospira i plora
I ho va a dir al seu marit.
D'un tram lluny que ell la veia:
Noble dama, què us ha dit?»
-«M'ha dit que bé us en treuria
Si amb ell dormís una nit...»
Feu-ho! Feu-ho, noble dama!
Feu-ho! Feu-ho sols per mi!»
En tocant de les deu hores,
Noble dama se'n va al llit;
Descordant-se la cotilla,
Noble dama fa un sospir...
La dama n'és, matinera,
I a les tres es deixondí...
Treu el cap a la finestra:
De mala finestra eixí!
Veu unes forques plantades
I, penjat, el seu marit...
-«Ai! Traïdor de Capiteri,
Us heu ben rigut de mi!»
-«Després que m'heu llevat l'honra,
Heu mort també el meu marit!»
-«No la mateu pas, traïdor!
No la mateu pas per mi
Que, així com ho feu amb ella,
També ho faríeu amb mi!»
Ella se'n gira i se'n torna,
De volant què es va vestir;
Quan tot volant s'és vestida,
A en el rei se'n va a servir!
Un bon jorn, sortint de de missa
Al Capità veu venir:
-«Déu vos guard, oh Capitel·lo!
Us en recordeu de mi?»
-«Atureu-vos, Capitel·lo,
Que ara és hora de morir!»
-«La pietat que vós teníeu
En penjar el meu marit!»
Ja li en dóna punyalada:
La primera, el va ferir...
La segona, cau a terra;
La tercera, va morir.
-«Déu us perdó, Capitel·lo:
A vós i al meu dolç marit!»
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The origins of this song are in the Reaper's War (1640 - 1659), when the Spanish and French Crowns initiated the Franco-Spanish war (1635 - 1659), as on of the Thirty Years War's Southern offshoots (which include the War of Mantuan Succession, the Portuguese Restoration War and the Eighty Years War).

The Spanish Crown's extreme impositions on Catalonia's government and society, which included a de facto loss of sovereignty and the imposition of martial law, caused Catalan society to rise against the monarchy in a conflict that was exacerbated by internal economic and political conflicts. The war concluded when France abandoned Catalonia to its luck and appropriated the Rousillon, after signing the Treaty of the Pyrenees with Spain. This conflict greatly helped Portugal's own bid for independence, as Spain mainly engaged on the Eastern front.

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The Gentlewoman from Reus and The Lord Captain

From the city of Reus
Everyone escaped,
With the exception of a noble lady
Whose husband is imprisoned.
He hasn't been by her side for seven years;
She hasn't seen him in seven years!
One good day, as she was coming down the stairs,
She sees the captain come her way...
-'Captain! Oh, Lord Captain!
Get my husband out of prison!'
The lady sighs and weeps
And she went to tell her husband.
As he saw her from afar:
-'My lady, what did he tell you?'
-'He has told me that he'll gladly set you free
If I do sleep with him for one night...'
-'Do it! Do it, my noble lady!
Do it! Do it only for me!'
When the clock struck ten at night,
The gentlewoman goes to bed;
Unfastening her corset,
The noble lady issues a sigh...
The lady is an early riser,
And she awakened at three in the morning...
She looked out from her window:
Cursed be that window!
She sees the gallows set up
And hanging up there, was her husband...
-'Ah! Blackguard of a Lord Captain,
You have thoroughly disgraced me!'
-'After having compromised my honour,
You've also murdered my husband!'
-'Kill her not, you villain!
Do not kill her at my behest
For, just as you are doing this to her,
You'd soon do the same to me!'
She turns around and goes,
She dressed herself in a hurry;
Once she's rushedly dressed up,
She goes to serve the King!
One good day, leaving holy mass,
She sees the Captain approach:
-'May God be with you, oh Lord Captain!
Do you remember me at all?'
-'Do stop, Lord Captain,
For the time to die has arrived to you!'
-'I'll show the same mercy you showed
When you hanged my husband!'
She stabs him at once:
The first time, she wounded him...
The second time, he fell to the ground;
The third time, he died.
-'May God forgive you, Lord Captain:
May He forgive you and my sweet husband!'
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