Nesli - La fine ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

The End

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I apologize to whom I betrayed, and fuck off every enemy
Winning or losing, for me it is always the same shit
And it doesn’t matter how many people I have seen, how many people I have met
This life has conquered me, and I have conquered it
“This life” my mother told me “has to be lived, my son,
This life doesn’t look at you straight in the eyes, at best it spits into them”
I just clean up my face with the sleeve of my jacket
And when someone holds you down, you have to be the first to attack.
I have never managed that, I’ve always been beaten up,
And always pissed off, until my breath gets lost
The end will come, but it won’t be the end
And just like every time I wait, standing in a thousand queues
With your number in my hand and a close-up on you
Like a wonderful movie that unfortunately no one is going to watch.
I don’t know who I am and I’m scared to find out,
I’m looking at my face in the mirror but I wouldn’t be able to draw a picture of it
As I’m talking to you, I’ve always been talking about my own life,
I can’t do it all again and telling it is so hard for me.
Chorus (x2) I wish that tomorrow was today in a second
To start all over again, to upset all my plans,
‘Cause it will be better and I will be better
Like a wonderful movie that leaves everybody speechless.
It seems unreal to me as it has always been
Easy, sweet ‘cause as bitter as in the past
All this has changed me
And maybe I’ve let my paranoia and thousands of other mistakes
Steal the time of my life
I’m weird I admit it, and I matter more than any fault
But someone up there looked down at me and told me:
“I’m saving you this time, as every time before”.
I would like to do so much but I’m still standing here,
I look at life through photographs and one more winter has come,
I never ever change about that, I always destroy everything,
If I’ve let you down apologizing won’t help.
Chorus (x2)
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La fine