La Juventud Sabe Donde Va ( Tradução para Inglês)


La Juventud Sabe Donde Va

La juventud, ja,ja, la juventud ja, ja,
sabe lo que quiere, sabe donde va.
Mucha gente dice que la juventud
no sabe que hacer, no sabe donde está,
muchos se equivocan, gritan por gritar
pero nadie dice la verdad.
Hoy la juventud ya no quiere esperar,
pide porque el mundo tiene que cambiar,
todos gritan por lograr algo mejor,
por un mundo más lleno de amor.
Este mundo tiene que cambiar,
con amor lo vamos a lograr.
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Youth knows where they go

Youth, ha ha, youth, ha ha,
knows what they want, knows where they go.
Many people say that the youth
doesn't know what to do, doesn't know where it is,
many are wrong, they yell for the sake of it
but nobody says the truth.
Today youth doesn't want to wait,
it asks for a change in the world,
everyone yell to achieve something better,
for a world more filled with love.
This world has to change,
with love we will make it.
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