Luca Carboni - La mia città ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

My City

My city, without mercy, my city
But how it is sweet in the certain evenings
At times no, without mercy
I close myself in the room
It makes me to feel alone
A city, without mercy, my city
I never know it throughly
To many doors, too many secrets
I will never find you
Tell me where are you
Now where to go, what to do, where to go
We are always inside of something
In a moving car on in a tram
Never seeing the sky
And breathing smog...
But look there, what the fuck he is doing, but he is thinking of you
But how he drives, that idiot
Then he looks here, what's the time already
But who has given you the driving license
That broke your tooth
To you...
We are always in a rush
Always in turmoil
Also you...
Even when you are licking ice cream
You have a pissed off look
My city, without mercy, my city
But how it is beautiful in the morning
When it turns on, when it wakes up
And the sounds start again
Promising many things
But tell me where you will be, before you were here
There is a black man who asks for help
Where will be this city
It is vanished without pity
There are too many walls in my city
But look what a civilization, my city
With the thousands of bars on the windows
Security guards, security doors
And a millon car alarms
That are always sounding
There are those who have too much than less
And who cannot be content
And there are...
Those who have to shoot up
In a corner of pain
And there are...
There is need of everything
There is need of fixing
Withour mercy, my city
"Lady, look what beautiful houses
However, to her, they don't give it
I'm sorry, my lady
It's all used by a guestroom"
My city, without mercy, a city
It tells you that it is not true
That there is no more poverty
Because it is all covered
By posters
There are those who work
It is obliged to cheat
And there are...
Those who for being able to care
Have learned to study
And there is...
There is need of fixing
There is need of everything
And there is
Need of more love
In this prison
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La mia città

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